What is your nearest river like? Would you drink from it or plunge in for a refreshing swim. Would you tuck in heartily to a grilled fish that you caught in the local bay or estuary? Does your nearest wetland teem with birdlife? Do the frogs call loudly at night?

A waterway is much more than the water in it. It is enjoyed, used, appreciated and unfortunately often abused in many ways. Waterkeepers aim to return the waterways to the community and all living things. Being a Waterkeeper is about being part of a community both local and national, joining with others to improve our natural surroundings and enjoying the gifts of nature.
Support and become a member of your local Waterkeeper or, if you find there isn’t one, consider forming a Waterkeeper group for your precious piece of this world.

Check out the Member’s pages in the Members section for more information on each of the Waterkeeper groups and the Contacts page to get in contact!

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