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Desalination of Sea Water for Domestic Use

Desalination of sea water is one of the methods through which populations can be provided with water for domestic use. It is to be understood that the only thing that makes sea water unsuitable for domestic use is its saltiness. Once the salt in the sea water is gotten rid of (through desalination), the water becomes suitable for domestic use.

The main challenge associated with desalination of sea water for domestic use is cost. It is important to understand that the desalination is supposed to be done through an industrial process: one that happens to be very power-intensive. Many people are, subsequently, likely to be uncomfortable with the idea of money being literally pumped into this sort of industrial process, especially if there are other alternative (and cheaper) ways of obtaining water for domestic use. To know for sure how many people would support desalination of sea water for domestic use, one of the companies that specialize in surveys and online services can be contracted, to carry out a survey on this issue. Even without a survey though, it should be a matter of common-sense understanding that people would prefer the most cost-effective method of obtaining water for domestic use.

Of course, obtaining water for domestic use through desalination of sea water has its advantages. Sea water is virtually unlimited in volume. And the desalination plants can end up becoming major sources of employment. Providing such alternative sources of employment is critical, especially if we are to avoid the situation where, nowadays, all jobseekers flood to sites like www.usps.com/employment in search of the few available opportunities there. The desalination plants can thus end up employing quite a good number of people.

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