What we do

Waterkeepers Australia helps community groups in Australia care for their local creeks, rivers, lakes and bays. It allows communities, both in Australia and internationally to share their skills, knowledge and stories, as well as access scientific and legal assistance.

The National Office fosters networking and program promotion through its quarterly newsletter, private members online networking system, yearly conferences and seasonal promotional activities.

Being a Waterkeeper is about being part of a community both local and national, joining with others to improve our natural surroundings and enjoying the gifts of nature.

The Waterkeepers are the real inspiration of this organisation as they work tirelessly to restore and preserve their waterway through an array of activities. The multifaceted nature of a Waterkeeper’s life can find them patrolling their waterway, gathering samples and testing water quality, talking to public groups about the local water issues, communicating with government bodies to present the facts, or one of many other possibilities.

To find out more feel free to contact the national office or your local Waterkeeper.

We’d love you to get involved! Check out the support section for information on how you can help.

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